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IWSG provides educational materials to highlight and demonstrate the dangers found within our inland waters. These materials can be used in schools, colleges and at home for children and adults. Our training team are qualified within the respective fields to deliver the education we provide and we use internationally recognised materials.

Water Safety Training

Training can be one of the best methods of staying safe, it can include the ability to identify dangers from land or in the water, how to risk assess an event and how to navigate the water safely if you find yourself in an emergency situation. Our training meets international standards and is recognised by professional bodies.

Demonstrations & Visits

The team are always happy to provide demonstrations of rescue techniques, equipment and skills used. This can include the use of model rivers and interactive material to get you engaged and is suitable for children and adults. This is good for allowing people to see what is needed in a rescue situation and appreciate the dangers involved.

Safety Boat Patrols

Our team can provide safety boat patrols. The team provide support and education from on the water and 'bankside' to discourage people from entering dangerous waters and assist those who unfortunately do. This service is planned in cooperation with local authority and emergency services.

Water Event Safety Boat

We can assist event organisers and provide safety and rescue services for events such as regata's, triathlon's and endurance swims. With medically trained personnel as well as RYA qualified boat cox's and Rescue3 qualified rescue personnel, the team can be a vital asset to events and participants.

Venue Water Safety Competency

From risk assessments & reports to training for venue's within close proximity to water. Skills such as throw line operation, water rescue processes and incident logging, an IWSG certificate of Water Safety Competency is good for your venue and its customers!

 Our Story

Our Story

IWSG is built around the need to show people how to be safe and survive around inland water and rivers. The charity has been created by water rescue volunteers who saw the void in public knowledge and teaching. A peak in tragic deaths in rivers locally saw IWSG develop what it could offer. Moving quickly, the charity was registered and has been gaining momentum in the media and locally. With plans to develop training and educational materials, courses and sessions, there is a lot of work ahead but the team like to meet a challenge.

Our Management

Meet the trustees behind IWSG.
Dave Penton
Dave Penton
DeFRA Mod4, SRT, Rescue, Training
El Rutherford
El Rutherford
VHF, RYA2, BWR, Medic, Safety
Brady Stewart
Brady Stewart
RYA2, Comms, SRT, Rescue, Training, Technical
Grace Sutton
Grace Sutton
Finance, Policies, Co-Ordination, Administration, PR

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