IWSG Receives staggering public support

Well, a LOT has happened in the past few weeks!

The team has been hot in the press recently, we have been featured in the Bristol Post with various articles such as this one detailing our plans to set up safety boat patrols in the Bristol Floating Harbour.

We have been live on BBC Points West and BBC Radio Bristol explaining our plans and what we have seen whilst out on our patrol pilot.


The team have been overwhelmed by support from the public in both finance and volunteering offers. We initially set out to raise £2,500 to purchase drysuits, reach poles, helmets and other vital PPE to allow us to start patrols safely.

After appearing on the BBC Radio Bristol’s breakfast show we had a very generous offer from a member of the public who wished to help us by donating a large sum to the team. After hearing about this, we headed over to meet the very kind person and explain who we are, what we aim to do and how the money would be spent.

From then our fundraising has hit new records almost weekly, our croudfunding page received over £1,300 from members of the public. We had enquiries from people wishing to volunteer their time to the team and the family of late Jason Gurgul organised a fundraising day to support our plans, raising over £1,500!

A local boy, Stephen Finch has expressed his wish to organise a sponsored challenge to raise funds for the team and he will be climbing the rigging of SS Great Britain in the Going Aloft Challenge on 14th August. The team will be there to cheer Stephen on and talk through what the money provides. If you wish to sponsor Stephen, please contact us via our contact page.


The team are very busy over the coming weeks, attending meetings with emergency services, authorities and suppliers to have everything ready and waiting for the go ahead to start patrols.


We will be on the water in the harbour during this years Bristol Harbour Festival, so if you see us, give the team a wave or come over to have a chat.


We thank everyone who has and continues to help us, it is very humbling.