Water Safety Education

IWSG offer a range of educative talks and demonstrations to many different target groups,  from children to adults. 


IWSG is just one of a number of organisations that provide safety information for people who may encounter the water in their daily lives,  however we believe we provide a unique approach to water awareness.

By promoting engagement via observation and practical understanding of hydrology, those receiving IWSG sessions can better appreciate the behaviour of water and what it means for them.  Linking this understanding with safety advice can enhance the message and hopefully lead to a greater retention of information in participants.

We offer bespoke sessions for different audiences,  so feel free to contact us to discuss any learning needs we can help with.

Some groups we can cater for include:

  • School-age children in KS 1, 2 and 3
  • Youth clubs and societies
  • University and college students
  • Businesses (e.g.  lunchtime talks)

Get in touch with us via our Contact page to find out more.